A psychoeducational assessment may be a good starting point to identify an individual’s learning strengths and weaknesses. A member of our team will work collaboratively with you to investigate and measure intellectual abilities, academic skills, behaviour, attention, and social-emotional functioning. In some cases, a student’s profile may lead to a diagnosis of a learning disability and/or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In all cases, individualized recommendations are developed to assist with educational planning and goal setting. 


The purpose of an intellectual assessment is to identify an individual’s level of cognitive functioning. The results can be used to facilitate decision-making regarding placement in an accelerated, enriched, or gifted program. 

Our Services

Murray and Folino Psychology


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Parent-Child Anxiety Group

An 8 week parent-child program for worried children in Grades 4-6.
A Psychological Associate and a Social Worker will lead the group as parents and children work together to learn strategies to reduce worrying. This will help them to become more flexible and brave.

LD and ADHD Information Sessions

A pair of information sessions for parents and teachers that covers the key features of learning disabilities and ADHD. Topics of discussion will include how to advocate for your child, understanding your child’s IEP and strategies to help with homework completion and behaviour management. 

Executive functioning at Home and in the Classroom

A series of problem-solving sessions designed to organize the disorganized child and improve work habits. These sessions complement the six Learning Skills and Work Habits evaluated on your child’s elementary school report cards.